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Move Over Boys...

Updated: May 28, 2021

Happy Thursday Goddesses.

I hope this finds you well:)

Today, I want to talk about the Boys Club I see happening in personal development.

Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Gary Vaynerchuk, Andy Frisella, Ed Mylett, Joseph McClendon III...the list goes on and on...

So what? Who cares if the biggest names in PD are men? I do and here's why.

Women and men are fundamentally different, thank God they are, but we miss this in the coaching and personal development space...we miss it badly.

Are there women in our industry who are mega stars? Yes. Do they show up as Feminine Divine my opinion no.

I see women in our industry who are totally badasses, but who are playing dress up. I am not going to publicly call them out because that's a shitty way to show up for my fellow sisters, but let me tell you, I SEE YOU. I know you don't want to show up in this way all the time. None of us do!

We have strength beyond our own comprehension and it's time we woke up.

It's time to get into the room and teach WITH these men, teach them how we really work and then show up as balanced leaders.

Look, we need both masculine and feminine energy, that isn't my beef, but we need to honor our feminine in business WAY more. Honor it in our own hustle and recognize that we are not men.

If I hear one more man say I need way less sleep and that will make me way more productive, I'm going to fucking scream! Have a child, go through perimenopause, go through actual menopause, go through a damn menstrual cycle ONE time and then tell me I need less sleep!

Seriously, we have to walk into the room and teach our brothers how the way they "hustle" will never be the way WE hustle...and to start to honor that in THEIR talks with their female audience.

Here's my promise, I will open the door for us to do the same. To be heard and to be balanced in this industry and quite frankly, to be loud about it. We aren't currently standing up and saying to the world

"Hold on guys, that might work for you, but we need a bit of a different mix here".

We just keep trying to play dress up and it's burning us out! Let's talk this through people...

Love to hear. your thoughts,

Big love,


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