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Who Are You Here For?

When I started this business in 2019, I was guns blazing, raring to go, off my ass excited to make all the moves!

I have a strong marketing background, like 20 years background. I was around before Google was even really Google.

I know about KPI's, SEO, PPC, Conversions, Buyer Personas. you name it, I have learned about it and lived it.

Big deal right? Right.

So why do I bring it up?

Because, as a coach and long time entrepreneur, there is something I have learned recently, something that has changed my life.

Asking the question : "Who are you NOT available for?"

When you declare who you are not available for, it makes even more space for you energetically to claim the person you are here to serve.

I used to have a primary question, "How can I save everyone?".

When I attended a Tony Robbins event called Date With Destiny (2019), I learned that I was truly going through life thinking this thought over and over again...and failing at it over and over again. It was exhausting!

I simply couldn't be available for everyone, no way, no how.

So, I changed the question to "How can I show people what REAL freedom looks like?"

And that meant knowing who I am NOT available for anymore.

I am NOT available for women who will not participate in their own rescue.

I am NOT available for the woman who complains

I am NOT available for the woman who cannot make powerful decisions about her life.

So here's my question, who are you NOT available for anymore in your business?

Do you know?

Can you get more clear on it?

Would love to hear about, send it to me at

Until next time.

Big love,


ps. If you're ready to make a powerful decision, let's hop on a zero pressure call so you can share your vision with me! Click here to book!

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