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Hey Sis.

Cara is the creator of "How To Build Your Business Like A Love Soldier" Brand and Host of the She's The Owner Podcast . Cara's superpower is helping Mission Driven Female Entrepreneurs build successful businesses by teaching them to get out of their heads and into their hearts.  It what being a LOVE Soldier really means.


She is also the co-founder and  past CEO of The Content Company based in Toronto, Canada, a company she launched in 2014 with her partner Ken McCarron. Her long history in Digital Marketing was the perfect education to launch this well respected name in the industry.


She’s a proud mom of 4 incredible young woman and 2 adorable pups!


Cara has spent the last 20 years or so of her life discovering who she is and why she was put here on this earth. She is an active member of the Tony Robbins’ community and has a mission to send 1000 women to the Unleash The Power Event with Tony.


After all that self reflection and searching, she feels deep in her bones, that she is here to teach people to lead with their hearts (feminine energy), and not with their heads (masculine energy).


Being a mission driven entrepreneur is one of the most incredibly fulfilling journeys of her life so  far.


She hopes you’ll join her in opening that gorgeous heart of yours too!

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Image by Jessica Favaro
Why I Became a Coach

Hey you, thank you for coming here.  I deeply appreciate you, I mean that wholeheartedly.

So why am I here? How did I get here?


I came from a family of pretty significant dysfunction.

A lot of pain and a lot of trauma.


I realized at a young age that I was to keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself or there would be some pretty shitty consequences.


From then on, I simply didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere.


Fast forward to my career and to say that I was a circle in a room of squares might be the understatement of the year.


I went from job to job always thinking the grass was greener ‘over there’ and chronically going from one place to another.


In my 20’s I knew I wanted my own business, but back then, I knew nothing about how that even looks. So, I kept jumping from job to job, idea to idea, and feeling like shit all the way through.  Why? Because I knew I was here for something other than what I was doing, but had no idea what.


In 2014, my then husband and I launched The Content Company, a content writing company that works with high volume content creation.


It did well, really well…but in 2018 we separated and I attempted to keep TCC going on my own.  I hated it, all of it.  I had NO passion for it and it started to show.  So, I asked for Ken to come back in and ‘right’ the ship.


In 2019, I was still single and sitting my room and started to wonder…”why am I still single and why do only feminine energy men seem to gravitate towards me?”.


That one question sent me off on a journey that would change everything for me forever.

I started to wonder, “Am I in the masculine”.  I had heard of this term through my events at Tony Robbins, but it hadn’t really sunk in…until that summer.


The She’s The Owner podcast was launched then and  I would talk to other women who had the same masculine energy running their lives and honestly, kind of fucking things up for them.


Two years later and many clients served, here I am.


On a mission to help women get out of their heads (masculine energy) and into theirs hearts (feminine energy).

This one shift is the only shift that will help you go from ‘hunter’ to a goddess.  And this is the secret to true happiness.


The business we set out to create will always have its challenges, believe me, but if you are operating solely from the masculine, you have zero change of success AND fulfillment.


So, How To Build Your Business Like A Love Soldier is 23 years of trial and error and eating shit and thinking it was me in the wrong job the whole time.

It’s 23 years of screaming on the inside that something didn’t feel right in how I was operating.

23 years of growing into the coach I am today.


Real, raw, obsessed with serving and loving you to the point of surrender.

Because when we surrender, we grow. And when we grow, we change the world.


I am a Love Soldier.


Love, Cara 
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