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This is probably one of the hottest topics around. Lots and lots of experts weigh in on the how to's of abundance and still we (even me) struggle to 'get it'.

I have been going through a lot of transitions the last 4 plus months and this thing around abundance keeps coming up.

I find myself super confused as to why I am not experiencing it at the level my ego wants (insert 'duh' right here). Ego isn't heart, ego isn't spirit, ego isn't me...yes, it's a part of me, but it certainly isn't all of me and when she is in the drivers seat, abundance feels a million miles away.

What Is Abundance Anyway?

According to Webster's Dictionary; noun :a very large quantity of something.

So that seems pretty straightforward right? Well, yes and no.

Here's what I have been seeing and finding recently. Abundance is all around me and you. I recently listened to one of my favorite podcasts called Manifestation Babe about abundance and for some reason, it just hit me differently this time. I have done a ton of reading and studying about abundance over the last 16 years and something just clicked for me this time.

When you look around, you can see abundance all over the place, but here is how granular I have gotten this week...I am looking at literally everything and feeling and thinking abundantly (look at all the leaves in this picture I took in Sedona...thousands and thousands, this is abundance).

If you're looking at your bank account or your relationship or your business and having a hard time feeling 'abundant' then you might need to go back to the very basics of what it actually means, like I have.

So, look at the sheets in your bed, look at the blades of grass in your yard, look at the stones on your driveway, the hairs on your head, what do you notice?


Yes, abundance. Why does it matter if you have a million tiny pebbles in your driveway?

Because, it tells our subconscious that there is plenty to go around, not lack, but abundance.

So what I have been doing is literally picking things around me that have a gagillion 'things' and sitting in the feeling of abundance. I can feel it all around me, so it gets me into the frequency of attracting more.

How To Create It In Your Business

So this is where many of you are going to want to lead this whole feeling, is in your business, but what if you're new or you haven't had a ton of experience in feeling abundant in your biz yet?

Here are a couple of tips I want you to try:

  1. Practice finding something ordinary to give proof that there is abundance all around you. Ex: Leaves, blades of grass, hairs on your head.

  2. Feel into that in real time. Don't judge the thoughts, remember, thoughts are just like clouds and you don't judge a cloud.

  3. Say it out loud, "Look at all the millions of blades grass around me, this is abundance right in front of me". Don't be shy, after all, how badly do you want to feel this?

  4. Write out all the ways you are abundant already in your business or in your life. "I have an abundance of ideas for my business", or "10 ways I can grow the business right now". Start writing it out immediately.

The reason I am finding this is working so well for me is that it's conditioning me to feel abundant all the time, whereas before, I would have to really 'try' (if you coach with me you why that word is highlighted), feel abundant even when I couldn't fully access the feeling in my body. Now when I do this exercise, because there are literally millions of the things around me to feel abundant with, it's becoming second nature to feel that way.

The more I live in the frequency of abundance, the less I feel scarcity and the more faith I start to have in the entire process. And this is KEY to your success whether it's business or relationship.

(Look at all the millions of pebbles here, there is an abundance of them...)

Ladies, I know it can feel like it's constant work when you are shifting your mindset, it kind of is, but if it were easy, everyone would do it and everyone doesn't. Mindset work is fucking hard work, it really is, but it's also the most rewarding work when you start to see how much your life has changed and how many things really are different for you since you began all of this.

Keep going mama!


Big love,


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