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For F*ck Sakes...

So, if you've been here before, you know that I am adding something to my current business life this year, my Real Estate License.

This was a decision I made late last summer when my world was a bit turned upside down.

I decided that I no longer only wanted one way to make money, so I enrolled in the real estate program in Ontario.

So, how's it going?

Fucking terrible, sorry, I know that's not very coachy, but it's the truth.


Well, for starters, the program here is really challenging, and I don't just mean because it's been decades since I have been in a classroom.

Yes, that part was tough at first, but the course itself is one of the most difficult in the world to get. And one of the longest as well, at 400 hours, it's a monster of a program.

Add to that, that you need to pass with a min of 75%, and it becomes even more challenging.

There are 4 courses and 2 simulation components.

I am on course 2.

I hate it, I honestly hate it. Why? Because I find it boring, and really, I just want to sell homes and make deals.

Here's the worst part.

I have missed passing the second and most difficult course by 5%...not once, but twice.

There are something like 60,000 agents in Ontario.

One of the reasons this program is hard is because it's supposed to be designed to weed out the shit ones and only have an industry of strong and successful agents.

So, the question is, "Is that working?" and the answer is "NO".

Now, when you fail twice, you are not allowed to take the exam again until you have paid for the course you failed course 2 is $685 plus the exam fee of $115, so $800 to do it again.

They claim to do this to deter the ones who don't really want to finish the course to continue at this point. Makes sense...

BUT, what about the ones that DO?

Is there not a better way to support them? Obviously, I am one of them.

So why am I buying the same exact material as the last time? How is the outcome going to be any different? I studied like an animal...this course is 20 modules and openly designed to fuck you what difference will it make reading and studying the whole thing over again make? Great question!

I don't know the answer, to be honest.

Cash grab? Perhaps.

Either way, it isn't just keeping would-be-bad agents' out; it's also keeping would-be-good ones out too.

You might say it's a good thing to have this in place...I don't agree...having said that, it really doesn't matter what I think because the policy is the way it is for the time being.

So, what now?

I pay another $800 to do this whole thing over again. And will get the necessary mark to put this all behind me once and for all.

I will learn that I do have what it takes (again), even though I am not happy about the way things are set up at the Program.

I will be reminded that the things I want aren't always going to come easily because if it were easy, everyone would do it.

I will be reminded that a victory will be sweeter because I had to work for it harder than most things I have done.

So what's the lesson?

We can give up or keep going.

I am going to keep going because the life I want dictates that I have to, this is not a time to pivot; it's a time to double down.

So, don't think obstacles are there to stop you all the time, think obstacles are there to test your resolve, and if you want it badly enough, you fucking work for it, it's that simple!

Here's to the 3rd try!

Big love,



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