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Energy Cord, What Is It?

Whoa, what a week this has been! How are you?

I have had some deep deep healing this week. I wonder how many of you have heard of energy cords?

I am going to speak to my own experience and healing only here, your journey can and likely will be different.

This week, randomly, a friend of mine I met through an incredible group of women in 2019, reached out to me.

She asked if she could do a healing and some reiki on me for practice.

So we did just that. It was profound and even a bit frightening at times.

She asked me to get permission from my higher self to allow whatever was going to come up to come up.

Healing practices are not new for me, so it didn't seem weird at all, I simply complied and asked away...

We worked together for about 60 mins and it was intense.

She talked about past lives I have had with my ex-husband and things around my father before the father I just had. In fact, the father she was referencing was not pleased with the healing and kind of made a nuisance of himself for the next couple of hours. I can still feel him a bit and continue to work through the energy that brings around me.

I did some cord cutting with her and she cleared the chakras that needed clearing.

I felt different after, not good, not bad, different. I have spent the last few days working through a lot of what came up, so here we are.

I have done some major work in the last 6 years. Painful work. Why? Because frankly, there is no other way to happiness.

I teach this so often inside my groups and one on one coaching, we cannot move forward if we are not able to heal. It's that simple and healing never ends, it changes and morphs, but you will always have something to move through. The good news is that healing becomes easier and easier as you learn how to do it effectively.

When we are business owners, we think that all of our success lies in the funnels or the sales or the operations and although all of that is important, it doesn't mean shit if you haven't healed. It's that simple. Unhealed women tend not to be successful.

So what do you do?

  1. Get real about it, stop pretending you have it all figured out, stop faking the shit out of your life

  2. Start talking to someone, a healer, a therapist, a coach...someone who has the experience to help you figure it out.

  3. Start writing down where you feel your gaps are. It helps to start with, "I would like to be better at XYZ", then get curious, "Why is this a problem for me?"...once you start writing, things will show themselves to you.

  4. Meditate. I know, broken record, but it's a fact that this will move things along inside you.

  5. Give yourself lots of grace. Humans heal, we really do, but it takes time girlfriend, be patient.

When I am in healing sessions, I am cutting cords left, right, and center. For me, cutting, well actually I have recently learned to pull the cord rather than cut it, but the act of 'removing' it is profound. I have an ex who is incredibly dear to me. We have 4 kids between us and our love runs very deep. In my healing session with Sonia, she said, "you and your ex's karmic cycle is now over, it's time to get moving, it's done now". I have know he and I share a very deep rooted cord, I also know it needs to be dismantled in order for me to grow the way I am meant to. Whether in my business or relationships to come, having this emotional energy cord to him serves no removing it has been my week so far.

That cord may not seem like it relates to my businesses directly, but it does indirectly.

As long as I am attached to a past that doesn't serve me, it will prevent me for moving forward.

I hope you find a way to start to really look at your healing journey, it matters in all areas of your life, including your business.

I love you Soldier!


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