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What is a Marketing Coach?

A long time ago I decided that I was going to pursue a career in marketing. I got myself signed up to a college back home and started my program. I f*cking hated it.

It was super boring and being in that classroom was never going to cut it for me no matter how badly I wanted it.

So, I decided to work, work in anything that resembled marketing. I worked as an intern at an ad agency in Winnipeg, I did telemarketing ( I literally sold meat), I eventually ended up in advertising sales for several large magazines in Toronto and Winnipeg.

I eventually started an ad agency with a colleague of mine and the rest is history...sort of.

We (I), went through many iterations of that kind of business. Ups and downs that have prepared me for what I do now, but let me tell you, that shit was hard and it was relentless in its lessons that I needed to learn.

I learned that branding DOES matter in a big way.

I learned that you can't be good at all of it and that you DO need to build a team eventually.

I learned that hiring professionals is paramount to your success and that as soon as you are able to do it, you should bring good people on with you.

None of these things would have hit me the same way if I had gotten my dream career started in the way that I was originally planning to.

I needed to go through it to show myself the hard way to learn how to show others the 'less' hard way of creating a brand and business they are proud of.

At the end of the day, we want to spend less time on our businesses and more time playing and having impact on others.

I have hmmm'd and haaa'd at how I wanted to position this next chapter in my work life and after some thought, it hit me.

In the whole version of Love Soldiers, I have always said I was a business coach, which is true, but if I really think about it, I am really a Marketing Coach. What's the difference though?

Marketing is always what I have done and what I have felt the most passionate about.

Marketing is the vehicle for which we grow (or not grow) our businesses. Coaching women on business is amazing, but the marketing part makes a lot more sense when you hear it...the fact is, is that my ideal client often relates quicker to "marketing coach" vs. "business coach" and so here we are.

Couple of the main things that are unique to marketing coaching:

  1. Creating a logo for a client or directing them on how to get that done

  2. Creating a website

  3. Content calendar

  4. Strategy

  5. Coaching around mindset when it comes to your marketing, this is the BIGGEST distinction for sure, I don't just coach you on your branding, I will coach you on your mindset around your branding!

So, this is the plan moving forward or at least the way you're going to hear it from now in my content. Same me, different approach.

The goal remains to help women have the business of their dreams because when we do, the whole world will change!

Big love as always,


ps. Take the quiz here to see how you're doing when it comes to your mindset and marketing;).

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