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Goddess Slumber Party...What?

Ok ladies, I am doing it! I am planning our very first Goddess Slumber Party!


I have longed for an event that didn't involved 8 hours of "tracks".

You know the kind... Marketing "Track"

Human Resources "Track"

How to Scale Your Business "Track"...

These are just a small sample of what you will see and hear at any given conference anywhere in the world.

Now, don't get me wrong, these are great, BUT, there are literally thousands of these each year and frankly, I am exhausted by them.

I have spent the equivalent of probably close to 2 solid years in conference rooms and ballrooms learning all sorts of amazing things. I love it...but I want something different.

When I was younger, I could not wait until the day when a girl in my class announced that her birthday this year would be a slumber party! YES....the gods have spoken!

This was a time of giggling, eating snacks, telling stories, and bonding like never before. It was incredible and somewhere along the way, we grew up, got serious, and went to a million conferences for work.

Well ladies, that is about to change!

I have started to plan this very exclusive event for December 2020.

Here's what I'm thinking...

The backdrop, Sedona Arizona.

Sedona has called to me for quite sometime and until this year and launching STO, I hadn't really found a reason to go.

The Vision?

  • Spa days

  • Glam day and then an incredible dinner together

  • Movie night

  • Yoga outside in the Red Rocks

  • Breath-work sessions

  • Time by the pool with no agenda...sort of;)

What the days will look like?

Morning visualization practices, beautiful breakfasts, morning hikes.

We will have some speakers who will undoubtedly rock your world, we will even hear about the feminine energy around sex;).

The bottomline ladies, is that we are not going to be able to feel as balanced as we can without some 'us' time, not just 'me' time. We need our sisterhood and this is the best way I know how to do it.

I can't wait to show the final details, but if you're like me and want to get on the list, sign up here for be in loop for when things really start to get solidified!

Big love,


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