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Heal The Girl & The Goddess Appears

Hey girl, hey,

So, I want to share somethings with you, they are important to me and maybe to you too?

When we set out to start a business, we are usually focused on the money, the ‘no’ boss, the elusive time freedom.

We get all romanced by how cool it is now to be an ‘entrepreneur’, trust me, I’ve done it too.

Here’s where things go off the rails.

At around the 12 month mark, if the business has lasted that long, you start to get scared.

You start to feel that panic come in, “How am I going to do this for another month?, “How will I keep the lights on when I am not making sales?’, “Did I make the biggest fucking mistake of my life here?”.

You might have a different version of that, but the bottom line is the same.

“What if I can’t do this?”

My Dark Night Of The Soul

I have gone through many dark nights of the soul, I am going through one right now.

Here’s what’s kind of fucked about it though…I HAVE done it, for 8 years, multiple 6 figures, even millions in sales…so why would this business be any different?

Simple (but also not).

THIS business is about me teaching you.

It’s not about selling SEO (for someone else), it’s not about selling content writing services for someone else (Ken was the talent and very easy for me to sell), this is about my gift and my gift alone.

So, what’s so scary about?

Turns out, everything.

It seems as though selling someone else’s gifts has been a lot easier than even talking about mine.

I wonder if you are doing the same?

If you’re a woman, the odds are you do.

We do this subconsciously most of the time and it’s a huge reason why we fail.

My Big Scary Vision

My big ‘scary’ vision for this company is to hold space for 1000 women in June of 2023.

To hold the first ever “Love Soldier Conference”.

3 full days.

Mindset, Inner Healing, Business.

But, in order to do that, I have to heal the thing that tells me that it’s not going to happen for me.

The thing that tells me that sure, Tony can do it or Rachel Hollis can do, or whoever is filling up seats in conference halls- can do it.

The unhealed part of Cara is that part and if you’re still with me here, then you have an unhealed part too.

In fact, we all carry some type of wound or trauma, we do, but some of us have healed to the point that business becomes a joy and not a struggle.


Because healing needs to happen in order for you to really receive.

We have schools that teach us about business, we have retreats that you can go to to heal, we have epic events that focus on mindset, but why aren’t we focusing on those three in some kind of order?

Well, I do…

I do because it matters.

The order of things matters.

If your mindset hasn’t been primed to be open, healing can’t happen.

If you haven’t healed what needs to be healed, you will never do the things you need to in business to have a business that fills your heart AND bank account.

I am going through my own healing journey now that will make the Love Soldiers Conference an absolute certainty.

I have gone through many levels of healing to be able to hold space and even layout the process for my clients now too.

This is the only way through.

You don’t need more marketing ideas, you need more mindset and healing work mama…and I’m here for it all, so is your sisterhood within the “Love Soldiers Mastermind”

See you in there,



ps. if you are interested in learning more about our Love Soldiers Mastermind, click here for all the deets. We start a new cohort in June 2022!

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