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Hi Honey, I'm Emotionally Home...

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Your emotional home is where you default to when you feel stressed.

I learned about this concept from Tony Robbins years ago at my first UPW.

What the hell was an emotional home?

Well, it's where we go when things get tough.

For example, my emotional home is worry and anxiety.

So, if something comes up like co*id or money 'stuff' I tend to revert back to what I have always known, worry.

I will start to worry, sometimes it's even a bit of anger in there too, just to keep it interesting.

When we get thrown off of our desired state, ie: happiness or gratitude, it means we haven't mastered our emotions quite yet.

What Does Mastering Your Emotions Mean?

It means that when shit happens, you're able to manage it without losing your mind in the moment. It's not easy, but in order to live the life you say you want, this might be the most important skill to have.

Mastering your emotions is literally the difference between your business succeeding, your relationship being full of passion, and even how healthy your body is.

It's the single most powerful skill to have.

Think about it...if a client or customer has a major issue with some work you've done or even with me, say a client doesn't get the result they felt they were supposed to. Imagine they are yelling at me or crying or just letting it rip? I am an empath, those kinds of things CAN really drive my response, if I let it. Emotional mastery means I have a chance of turning it around. Doesn't mean it will be perfect, but it does mean it won't ruin the rest of my day. I can look at it and see the gift in the event or interaction.

How To Use Emotional Mastery

  1. Take a moment to catch yourself when you are reacting to something. Ask your self, "Where is this emotion trying to lead me to?". Get real about it, if its anger, let it reveal itself.

  2. Ask yourself why this is setting you off?

  3. Think about the other persons model of the world. What might they be going through.

  4. Remember, if you are in an interaction with someone, look at what THEIR emotional home might be. Can you gently move them 'out'?

  5. What is this situation trying to show you? I was triggered by something recently and my instinct was to go to worry and anger...then I paused and asked "what is this showing me?". Turns out, it was showing me that I wasn't healed around certain things yet. It meant that I needed more work.

  6. Building rapport. If you can master your emotions, it means you can build rapport quickly with people. This can and will certainly impact your businesses bottomline.

These are only a couple of ways, but they are powerful if you let them be. Get curious about your reactions to things, ask yourself about what you're being shown in those moments when you default to your emotional home.

I make jokes about my emotional home, "I packed it up, moved the boxes, handed in the keys, but sometimes, I like to drive by just to remember my old house".

I love you,


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