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How Do We Do Better In Canada?

I have been sitting this week with a very angry and heavy heart around the horrifying death of George Floyd and countless others in North America.

I don’t understand hate, so I have a hard time understanding people who hate each other based on color or sexual orientation…

So I have seen thousands for posts from all types of influencers and celebrities and from many of my friends.

I am confused, to say the least.

I see the community of POC’s calling to their white brothers and sisters to be allies. I see them asking us to stand up and stand by them in their fight for equality.

I say inside, “I have raised children who do not hate, I work with a diverse group of people in my company”. I have never ever made a decision on a person based on the color of their skin or who they choose to love.

If I see someone hurting someone else, for any reason, I speak up. I can’t NOT, so I do.

BUT, here is where I am seeing that I can be MORE involved. I can do all the things I have done, I can learn more about what the heart and heads job is in our society, I can continue to be of service on a grand scale through Tony Robbins and other organizations I belong to…but I am seeing that there is more and that that is NOT enough.

I am vehemently anti-racist, but I want to, no need to, STAND UP more to teach the other people in my village. I am happy to do things at a grassroots level, and for me that means in my immediate family, but that needs to spread further into the world. Even more than before!

And this is where I need the support, because I don’t know where to start.

I am a proud Canadian and here, a major injustice is our Indigenous People.

We have treated Indigenous horribly in Canada. We are a very loving country and we are VERY multicultural, but does that mean we cannot do better? Of course not. Does profiling happen here? Yep. Do certain young people get pulled over more here? Yep.

I keep going back and forth between shear rage and heart and sadness.

My rage comes from a lack of understanding of why anyone would hate whole races of people…my rage comes from the stories I hear about POC’s in the US being treated like less than garbage, my rage comes from White Supremacists thinking they are better for no f*cking reason besides their skin color. My rage comes from deep heartbreak.

When I think of any parent or spouse or child mourning their loved one because some asshole decided it was their time because of their color, its makes me want to fucking scream. It’s a dark hole I often have to pull myself out of because nothing good can happen in that hole.

I know love is in my heart.

I know I cannot watch injustice anymore on this giant global scale.

I know that the world is now WOKE.

I also know that both POC’s and white people must be patient with each other.

Everyone is learning right now and if you live in the “should” world, you’re dead in the water.

“They should know better”, “They should know ‘all lives matters’ is wrong”, “The cops should know better”.

Those statements are literally pointless and simply put, argue with reality.

The reality?

Some people don’t know any better…yet!

Some people don’t know why saying “all lives matter” is wrong at this moment, lovingly teach them. I didn’t get it, now I do and of course it makes perfect sense…so many posts I see are angry people telling off white people…what kind of change will that evoke? None.

Some cops are the devil and do not know better because there is something inherently flawed in them.

Byron Katie is one of the most incredible teachers of our time. She does something called The Work, I encourage you to take a look. It’s an extremely powerful tool in helping “clean house” when it comes to your damaging thoughts. The ones that cause you suffering.

So what now?

What can we do?

What will I do?

I know I will keep talking and keep educating anyone around me, including me.

I will keep helping others to see that it’s time to question their thinking if that thinking includes anything but love for each other.

I am going to look at creating an online event of some kind to bring more issues around our Indigenous people to light.

I am going to keep on pushing the message of She’s The Owner.

The bottom line?

Men in their broken and wounded masculine are the ones who kill and hurt others.

A women devoted to being her Divine Feminine can work with a man who is wounded and together, they can create peace.

This is what we need. Healing on all levels. I can’t live in a world of hate anymore, I don’t want my children to witness hate like this anymore, I don’t want you to witness hate like this anymore.

Let’s get this done, a united world is a fricken beautiful world…

“I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you” -Ho’oponopono

Big love,


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