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How To Lead Your Tribe

When you were small, what did your belief structure look like?

Were you taught "every man for himself"?.

Were you taught "one for all and all for one"?

I think I was taught something somewhere in the middle.

I came from a family of secrets really.

We had a lot of dark days inside our home.

My parents struggled with drinking, a lot.

From a young age I remember thinking, 'something just doesn't feel right about this'.

It was kind of us against the world.

No one knew about what things were like in my house, but I always had this sense that it wasn't right the way we were.

I never remember my parents wanting to help the world out there, it was too hard to want to do that I imagine, they had to do everything they could to keep it together on the inside...that really breaks my heart if I am being honest.

So how did I become someone is obsessed with help others then?

I guess part of it is that I don't want people to suffer like my parents did. Because they did, 100% they did. It was a terrible disguise or symptom...addiction is always a symptom. When I think about all the incredible events and learnings I have been blessed with, I won't lie, I think about how different things could've been for my mom and dad.

I know that I could have shown them how to get out of suffering, I have spend close to 100K in my "education" and really do have the skills to help a shift like this, the irony though, is that I may not have searched for this type of education if my experience with them was all roses. Who knows?

If I hadn't been abused myself, would I have ever sought after ways to experience my own healing?

It's hard for me sometimes, knowing I am the woman I am because of the challenges my parents had and knowing that I might not have these skills without their problems.

So here I am now 44 and with a big beautiful family of my own.

No secrets, no abuse. Mostly perfect. We have our issues like any other family does, but for the most part, we handle it with the skills I have been lucky enough to teach. I led my own tribe into this education and couldn't be happier that I have, even if it stings missing out on teaching my parents sometimes.

And, after all the years of learning, I am on a journey to help anyone who wants it.

Ending suffering is my life line. Nothing gives me more energy than seeing someone wake up to their greatness and go after what they want. Nothing.

So leading your tribe really does mean going first.

Whether going first means raising your hand to help out.

Whether it means that you had to go through some shit first to help the others after you.

It can mean different things for different people, but being a leader means leading even when it's scary. Even when you don't want to talk about your past...for me that can be scary, but if I am to lead, then I must acknowledge it and show you how I have grown from it.

I can't wait to see how you lead your tribe.

I love you,


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