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How To Start A Business

This is probably one of my absolute favorite things to talk about, I get to be in my 'hunter' mode and that is fun for me:).

Why I Started A Business?

When I was around 20, I came to realize I wasn't like the 'other' kids;).

I had NO interest in University or College, although I did dabble in it, but my heart was absolutely not in it.

So, the self loathing began. Questions like, " Why am I such a loser?", or "Why don't I want to go to school like everyone else?".

It was years of this, always feeling like I didn't fit in, like anywhere.

So I started to explore entrepreneurship.

I enrolled into a program that was designed to help you launch your company and off I went.

I had dabbled in event planning, loved it, but knew very little about mindset and how to actually be successful, I just knew I wanted to own a business.

So, it failed, well, I learned so much, so it didn't really fail...but it wasn't a success in business terms:).

Over the years, I had several small start ups that were incredible learnings that I am grateful for everyday. Most people think you start one company and boom, it works....WRONG:). (those are called business Unicorns).

So, 2014 comes around and my partner and I launch The Content Company and finally, finally we see success. We have a healthy multiple 6 figure company and growing year after year.

Then 2019 rolls around and I am antsy. I need more purpose, more heart, more fulfillment. Enter She's The Owner.

It's everything I have worked hard for over my 20 plus year career.

It's the unicorn for me. I am deeply excited about it and so very proud!

But What Are Some Tricks To Launching?

  1. Be clear on why you are starting a business. Money cannot be the driver. That will never sustain you in times of hardship, purpose is the ONLY thing that will keep you going when times are tough.

  2. Hire or work with people who can fill in the gaps as soon as possible! It's not always possible in the beginning, but make that a priority.

  3. Build your avatar. This is probably THE most important step before you launch.

  4. Build a solid Business Plan, for every new business, every single time

  5. Build a Marketing Plan...and change it often.

These are really just the tip of the iceberg, but I hope they have helped you to get started!

Big love,


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