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I'm A Boss Bitch...Wait, What?

I have been an entrepreneur for the better part of my adult life. I struggled forever with what I wanted to do with my life. School was NEVER in the cards for me, I never wanted to be an XYZ so the idea of going to school to get a degree in something I didn't care about seemed idiotic and scary.

For a long time, I sincerely thought there was something really wrong with me and then it hit 20 years in LOL.

I realized I want to change the world, no big deal;).

I have only just come to figure out HOW I am going to change the world. It's been through this work that I have figured it out. I want to share a couple of nuggets I have come to learn through this process.

You Don't Have To Be a Ball Breaker

In business, women tend to be a bit confused by who we are and how we are supposed to show up. It's part conditioning from childhood, part our model of the world, and then lastly, what we see society doing.

It's no secret that women have not had the voice they are starting to have now, especially in a boardroom.

So, with this newfound voice, we got loud, rightfully so, but sometimes we need to reflect.

After all, we are designed to reflect and receive. Sometimes, the louder we are and the more aggressive we are we lose the ears of the people we are trying to affect or influence. I have seen it time and time again, women who are acting like, well, assholes just to prove a point. What is the point exactly? That you can be a dickhead too? Smarten up mama, we get way more done when we can balance masculine and feminine. And besides, that is your wounded masculine showing up anyway and no one wants her around;).

Kindness Leads The Charge

There are so many more women leading companies nowadays, it's amazing! I am so humbled and proud to be a part of that community...we've worked hard at seeing this change in the world so it's amazing that it's happening.

Here is what I know in my heart to be true.

Women are much more naturally inclined to openness and thoughtfulness. It's part of the feminine energy. So why aren't we leading our companies and teams this way more of the time?

There is a time to be firmly in your masculine, but when you want to foster a healthy and happy work environment, kindness rules. Are there ways you can show more kindness in your business? Even when you're firing someone, you can do it with kindness? This doesn't mean you're a pushover, quite the opposite in fact, it shows strength!

Use The Energy To Make Change

Here's the deal, when you're in your feminine energy, even in business, you are way more resourceful. "Resources are never the problem, it's a lack of resourcefulness that's the problem" -Tony Robbins.

When you're in your feminine energy, people will respond to you differently. That softer side of us can be used as a tool. Now, don't get it twisted, I'm not talking about manipulation, I am talking about influence. When you know in your heart that there is a decision that is for the greater good and you're having a hard time convincing people, dip into that feminine and see what happens.

Use words like , "feel, love, kindness," ask people to close their eyes and walk them through a visualization on the 'thing' you're trying to make happen. Get quiet and take your team on the journey, stop forcing it. Draw people in...

I know it can be confusing, trust me, I get it, but we are a force for good and we are finally getting to stand up and say so!

This is a very incredible time to be a woman in business....

Big love,



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