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Leadership Academy 2020

Hey hey everyone!

I hope you had an incredible week...I know I sure did!

I was blessed to have been invited to a Tony Robbins event called Leadership Academy.

(Tony doesn't run this one, but he is the "host").

Leadership in a nutshell is a place where you get to learn everything that Tony does over 4 days...the days are as long as any other event, but they are pretty unique.

Here are a couple of ways they are different:

  1. Tony isn't there. This is run by one of the most incredible people out there, Joseph McClendon III. He's by far one of the best speakers on planet earth.

  2. You aren't doing as much state inducing exercises as you do in a UPW or Date With Destiny. We know how to get into state, so this is more about process and intervention skills!

  3. It's a lot more 'learning' then 'doing'. This is a classroom, we are there to refine our skills as Leaders!

  4. I cried a lot less...and even though it's kind of a running joke among my peers that I will be seen on the big screen at one of these events crying my ass off, these events really do dig deep and unearth your heart...and with that comes tears normally. This one was different, I did cry, but much less than usual.

This event has changed me. All of these events change me, but this one really shifted some stuff that needed shifting.

I came to realize that I have everything I need in me now.

I came to realize, in real time, the power of my coaching, not just with the people I know and love, I mean with people I met 3 days prior.

I came to see that I am the ONLY thing holding me back and that I have the tools needed to crush it!

I see my gifts for what they are and am no longer hiding from them. I can't, it's not even an option anymore!

I HIGHLY recommend this event for anyone who wants to get even sharper at their leadership skills.

It is worth every penny!

Please reach out to me if you have questions around the event, happy to help!

Big love,


ps. I have a couple of 1-on-1 coaching spots available starting November 1st...if you'd like a discovery call with me, please click here to fill out your intake form and pick a time!

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