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Level Up...But Enjoy

We are in one of the most exciting times in the history of modern man.

Yes there is a pandemic (don’t get me started), yes times are challenging, but times are also incredibly beautiful. And that is where I choose to focus and level up my game.

I have been a bit resistant with this post out of fear of being judged and having some not so positive remarks, but to hell with that. I am sharing what’s in my heart.

The day our family went into lockdown, March 13th basically (schools closed), I was really just thinking how crazy it was that my, then 10 year old, was going to be home for an extra couple of weeks with us.

Ken and I already had worked at home for over 6 years so that wasn’t a major shift for us at all, but having the kiddo home was going to be nice….for 2 weeks, it’s now been 6 months, and I have loved a giant part of it….some of it has made me nuts too though;).

But what good has come from it? Where are the blessings? Well, there have been a ton.

For starters, my vision and mission has become crystal f-ing clear. There is ZERO doubt in my purpose and what I was put on this planet to do.

I have no fear or questions about the next several years of my life in my business.

I have learned to be more patient- frankly, I have no damn choice. When I am in a line-up and there is only room for 3 people and it’s going very slow because of the wiping down of things, I MUST learn to breathe through what might otherwise make me a bit irritated…now I simply breathe and chill.

I have learned that even though I have been self-employed for several years, I was chock full of distractions…when things got shut down, that completely stopped and I had the focus I had needed all along.

When I was in the house with no where to go, I got to get still within. I got to work on the parts in me that still felt stuck and stagnant. I got the me-time to heal some wounds I didn’t even really know where there anymore.

I have been able to witness person after person realize they are no longer happy in the job they once thought was so important to them. Watching people I know take this opportunity to do something they LOVE, and not something they thought they had to do. It’s gorgeous!

In quarantine, my middle daughter had weekly themed parties for us and they were absolutely incredible. We dressed up, we played, we ate, and we had the best time!

There have been so many blessings from this time of our world being quiet, at least in my world. And in no way am I saying there hasn’t been deep sadness for some as well, but I chose to focus on the things that have made this one of the most special times for my family and for the world. I am choosing to stay in “state” and see the beauty in the coming together of humanity and the beauty in all that stillness for those first few months…the hum of the world got quiet, we all did, and it was just what many of us needed.

My hope is the we will collectively remember how to be still even though many things have gone back to ‘normal’. My hope is that we won’t forget the closeness that came from this time in history, the ingenuity that came from so many entrepreneurs who had to pivot to survive and who are now thriving. I hope we remember that we can always find a solution, I mean Tony Robbins’ empire is largely based on in person events all year round and HE figured out a way to do what he does and keep motivating and inspiring the rest of us.

So, please look around and see the beauty in what we have gone through this year, look at all the incredible things that have grown from this challenging time…the choice is completely up to you, you have the choice to LEVEL up your thinking and even better, you have the option to enjoy the process!

Big love,


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