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Limiting Beliefs

Why limiting beliefs can ruin it all...

When I started working on building businesses or working on myself, I had a whole host of limiting beliefs.

  • I MUST go to University to get ahead in life

  • I MUST be married to be happy

  • I can't be rich because I was poor growing up

  • I can't have a luxe life, because I am not cool enough

  • Wealthy people are snobs and aren't generous

  • I have to be skinny to be happy

Those are just the tip of the iceberg really, but you can see the pattern of self destruction happening.

Did any of those serve me?

Were any of those beliefs going to get me closer to my goal? Or farther away?

I was obviously putting distance between the life I said I wanted and the life I was living.

When we say we want to have X, but believe that X is bad or not even possible, how likely are we to do the work to make X happen?

We aren't likely to do anything, in fact, we typically will do the opposite to prove the belief system to be true.

So How Do You Start To Turn It Around?

1.First, decide you've had enough of your own bullshit...seriously, that is the first step to change.

Declare that you are tired of your old stories and that you are ready to kick them out the f*cking door!

2.Second, write out what you want. Get specific. Decide on a new life, one that serves you. Create a life on paper that matches what you say you want out of life.

3. Next, write out some new beliefs you need to adopt in order to become the person who can have the life you're after. For me, I need to be an Influencer and someone who can impact thousands in order to live the life I want. I have to have the belief that I deserve it, I have to have the belief that I am a person that people will resonate with, I have to believe I am that leader. If I continued to believe the opposite, I wouldn't do any of the things I do on a daily basis.

4. Start to speak it. Speak your new beliefs. "I am a leader", "Wealthy people are very generous", "I am mission driven and people can see that". SPEAK YOUR NEW BELIEFS OUT LOUD!

5. At UPW we do an exercise called the Dickens Process. Long story short, Tony takes us through an exercise where we have to imagine our lives 2, 5, 10 years from now having never changed our beliefs....I can tell you as someone who has gone to 12 LIVE events with him, this is the MOST powerful exercise he does at this event. Thinking about what life will look like if I don't stop this bullshit is f*cking terrifying, I always come out with a brand new sense of peace knowing that I am NOT all those years out and I can STILL make a new choice on my belief right here, right now! So, think about what your life will look like if you don't change...if that scares the shit out of you, you'd better make some new choices and beliefs immediately!

I hope you've got some fun ideas bopping around in your head now on how you're going to shift your current belief systems, just the ones that no longer serve you!

If you need help in any area, reach out for a FREE Discover Call with me!

Big love,


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