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Mature Masculine...Huh?

This is a fun thing to talk about for me. It's also a touchy subject sometimes.

Women are always in search of the "perfect man", but what does that even mean really?

It means The Mature Masculine.

This by the way isn't just about man and woman, we all have both of these energies in us, but for the purpose of this post, I AM talking about the guys.

A really close friend of mine, Neal Conlon has recently started what I would call a movement. A movement that's about helping other men become The Mature Masculine. We have criticized men in various different ways for centuries.

We say things like "grow some balls", "grab a pair", "stop acting like a pussy"...the list goes on. So why are we surprised when they show up like, well, like animals?

We shouldn't be.

I am not saying things aren't unbalanced on the other side of the coin, but I do think it's important to talk about this too.

When look to our man to be our hero or King, what we aren't getting is that they weren't taught this anymore more than we were taught how to be their Queen. We are all completely confused and rightfully so.

For me a Mature Masculine holds space for me when I need to just talk, he isn't rushing in to "fix" it, he's just listening, because he knows in his core what I need in that moment.

A MMM will make decisions on things he knows he is totally capable of making without my input. Things like where we are going to grab dinner sometimes or what grocery items we need. I used to get really upset when Ken would text me a million questions from the grocery..."Just f*cking pick whatever already" would my eventual reply. I just wanted him to make a decision.

A big one is sharing feelings and vulnerabilities with me or with his friends. We all feel fear and vulnerability from time to time, some more than others. It's the ability to feel that vulnerability that makes him mature, at least in the eyes of a mature feminine. It helps me to see him this way once in a while. It gives me strength to know I can be here for him in this way too sometimes.

We see men who are walking around with this idea that they need to brag about how much money they make, how big their house is, how fast their car is, and probably how many women they have shagged, as if this is the measure of a Mature Masculine Man, it's not. There is a time when that kind of thing might work on a certain type of women, but that woman is likely an immature feminine energy who hasn't quite figure herself out yet either.

When you develop or start to develop yourself, you start to see what you're really attracted to when you're in your divine feminine and fast cars are the last thing on your mind. (Don't get it twisted, healthy ambition is sexy as hell, but it can't be the focus above all else).

It's beautiful to see so many of the men I have come to meet in the last several years really own this part of themselves and it's equally beautiful to see the other ones leaning into it now.

If you are a man and looking to deepen your relationship with other men on the journey to finding "you", check Neal's website and newsletter out. I know he'd be happy to have you join the journey with him:). Or if any of you women think your man would be interested in learning more, send this post!

Big love,


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