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Oh Boy Was That Scary!

I did a thing and I won't lie, it was fucking scary.

I changed it all, the name, the branding, the mission, all of it.

The She's The Owner brand is no more...we are now The Love Soldiers!

Yep, this was a long time coming. For a few reasons really.

When that name came to me, it was more of a noun that I used to talk about what I wanted to see in the world, not a brand.

Well, that changed last year.

Someone I know brought it up and it got me thinking.

Why hadn't I moved forward with the phrase as a name for my company?

Well, the truth is that I was still really focused on 'business' coaching.

After all, business is what I know and what has fed me all these years.

There was a problem though, I wasn't making the numbers I anticipated making, like, in my business. I started off the year really strong, but things died down fast after the second quarter. Why?

Because what I teach and what I want to teach is different than it used to be. I want to show the whole picture of feminine energy, not just the business side of it...the whole damn enchilada!

So that is what we did.

The difference?

  1. The "Academy" is gone. We are not focusing on business only moving forward.

  2. The courses are around business AND relationships/mindset.

  3. There will be an annual Love Soldiers Conference that will be intense and immersive that covers all aspects of business, feminine energy, relationships, & sex to name a few.

  4. We are focusing on BIG impact for many, rather than small groups at a time, so group coaching will only be available once a year, we will be launching our Love Soldier 12 Week Intensive in the coming weeks, but this is only going to happen once a year.

  5. The content that I have been teaching is now going to be available for purchase as a self led option. For those of you who are looking to learn how to balance masculine and feminine energy without the commitment of a group setting can now buy the program. There are 2 options. One with both business and relationship/mindset courses or one with ONLY relationship and mindset, totally up to you!

These changes are going to make it possible to launch this global movement, it will take more time and energy, but in the end, it's what I am here on earth to do.

I want to build this army to spread like wildfire across the globe and for that I need you!

One of the biggest changes that have come out of the rebrand is our Love Soldiers Mastermind Membership.

In the past, working with me meant an investment of around $3000. And while I know that I bring value, I had an issue with it.

I want more of you to come into my orbit, not fewer.

So I changed things.

This membership is ONLY $197 a month for the year.

You get all of the content mentioned above, but you get the benefit of a lot more, click here to see all the details.

So making the numbers work, means that anyone can join and grow in a multitude of, love, relationships, love of self, all of it.

I am proud of what we have created, it feels very real and very aligned, finally.

I invite you to take a look at ways you might not be in alignment and ways that maybe you need to make some shifts in what you're doing.

Until next time,

Big love,


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