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Part 1 - Sedona, You've Got My Heart Forever

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Recently I took a kind of impromptu trip. I say 'kinda' because even though I had had it on my vision board for several months, I planned it fast once I decided to actually go.

I have never travelled on my own for pleasure before.

I have spent many many hours traveling for my other company, The Content Company, but never on my own for fun!

So, 45 years old and off I go.

The plan was pretty vague, just that I was going to go to Sedona and then Vegas to meet my dear friends.

When I got to the airport, I was nervous. I'm a nervous flyer, so this is pretty normal for me, what was new, was that I hadn't flown in almost a year and so I was rusty!

I take something to calm me down, so when it was time to board, I took a little;).

The first flight was super bumpy and I asked to be seated alone because I was feeling pretty shitty, they accommodated me:). The second flight was soooo much better. I was actually happy on the plane. Ladies who own companies or are high level in career...listen to this part closely.

The reason the flight was so good for me was because I was sat in the middle of 2 very strong masculine energy men. I talk a lot about this in my courses, but this was a real life moment to anchor in that in times of need, the right energy will calm you down.

I shared that with the men and they seemed pleased to know they helped me.

Sedona...Forever Changed My Heart

I have wanted to visit Sedona ever since travel became such a massive part of social media. I'd see the women I follow, influencers, digital marketers, coaches, sharing this place they claimed was so magical. I had to go...

There was this moment when I arrived that felt like I had come home somehow. I know it sounds weird, but that is how it felt. And like I was a stranger peeking into some place I wasn't even supposed to see, all at the same time. I was hooked.

I started to explore that morning and when I went into town, around the curve of 89A...holy shit. The Red Rocks...I started to ball my face off. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing with my own two eyes. Every time I saw them that week I was beside myself.

The drive out of Sedona was equally breathtaking. You feel small. You feel curious. You even feel a bit scared...but the point is, is you FEEL it all.

The Grand Canyon

Next was the Grand Canyon. It was a 2 plus hour drive to the Canyon according to the website I had found. I headed out early that day.

I saw the most incredible landscapes. All so different and super beautiful. It was just me, my music, open road...and the sun. It was so hot, but that window stayed open. I wasn't missing a second of the wind on my face!

Turns out though, I had taken the wrong route...I had a choice.

  1. Get pissed that I wasted 2 hours going the wrong way

  2. Relish in the intense beauty that I was a part of.

Obviously, I chose 2. And relish I did. I sobbed and sobbed. Thanked God for my blessings, thanked the Universe for giving me my gifts to teach others how to make money. Thanked Source for my life and how I get to live it.

It was the best detour ever AND I got to drive on Route 66, which was really cool!

I Was So Scared

So when I got the actual Grand Canyon the next day, my little human mind was blown!

I was terrified and in awe all at once.

I walked around it and saw all kinds of crazy shit being done for the sake of a selfie...I would not be one of those creeping on to the ledge to get the "best selfie ever", so I settled for some less scary ones. I was about to leave when the Geology Museum caught my eye. I'm glad I did, it was there that probably my biggest transformation was going to happen. I found out about a trail called the Bright Angel trail. I was told it was the easier one of 2. I thought, "I came here to stretch right?". I love to hike, but I knew this wasn't going to just be a hike, I was right.

I got to where the trail was and looked down. It was fucking steep...and no rails to hold anyone in. The trail was gravel and went all the way down to the Colorado River. It was only about 6 feet across. I was crapping my pants, I won't lie.

One wrong move, you're gone.

So, I started down the path. Easy. Going down hill isn't very hard...with each step I kept thinking, "You're going to have to come back up this you know?". I had to keep going though. I wanted to feel it be hard to come back up. I needed it to NOT be I kept going. Then, I decided it was time to come back up.

Hardest thing I have done physically besides having my 4 children. It was so hot and it was so scary. I looked around me and felt that small feeling again. I would stop and take breaks and then freak myself out..."what if I pass out and fall off?". Then I dug deep. I reminded myself that I know how to walk and not fall off a cliff. I reminded myself that I have walked on fire 5 times and broken boards with my bare hands with little more than an incantation. I reminded myself that I have birthed 4 people and even lost one of them...I reminded myself that I cannot take you where I am not willing to go myself. So I kept going. And it was hard. And when I was done, I felt fucking incredible.

My time in Arizona changed me forever. I felt grounded like I have never felt before.

So that's the first leg of the trip, next post will be all about Vegas baby!

Big love,


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