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Part 2- Vegas Baby!

I have been to Vegas 2 times before this time.

The first time I went Vegas, I went with my when my mom was terminally ill with cancer.

It was a weird trip. My family was highly dysfunctional and because of that, it was kind of a disaster.

Mom and dad booked us at the Stratosphere, which back then, was a BIG upgrade for our family. My parents were home bodies and prefered to stay home or at our cottage over travelling. So we didn't. So going to Vegas when I was in mid 20's was new for me.

Our hotel was nice, but pretty basic if I recall. My time in Vegas was stressful with the arguing and being concerned with money (the lack of it). My mom was dying and was still in so much pain from her life and past that it wasn't the bonding experience I hoped the end, I am glad I went, but it wasn't the happiest I have ever been.

My second trip to Vegas was with my, now dear friend, Jessica.

We went (as strangers back then) to Business Mastery with Tony Robbins.

It was incredible. I learned all about Tony and how is mission was to end suffering for everyone, well, for anyone who wants to end suffering!

We had a nice room (nicest I have ever been in) and grew sooo much that week. Business Mastery was my very first TR event and obviously wasn't my last...20 and counting!

I had one day after the event to hang out at the hotel. We stayed at the Cosmopolitan. The pool was EPIC and the food even more next level. I was able to lounge there all day, drink, eat, enjoy. Some of the best food was there...there was a Bulgogi Quesadilla that changed my life lol. It was awesome!

I had always said that I had seen Vegas twice and that was good enough for me.

Guess I was wrong.

When I was planning my trip, I was talking to my friend Paola. She and I met at Date With Destiny 2019 along with her husband Travis.

She and I have talked about hanging out in SoCal for a while, but with restrictions here in Canada, I was reluctant. Then, my breaking point happened and I made the decision to go out to the US for my mental I was already going to be in the US...why not try to meet up?

So, I said, "Well how far are you from Sedona?"

Paola, "It's like 8 hours, why don't we meet halfway...OMG, let's meet in Vegas!"

And 2 glasses of wine in, the plan was made lol.

So, we met in Vegas on Monday. I was soooo happy to see them in person and to get (and give) the biggest hugs ever. I have struggled deeply through this pandemic. My social life was Tony Robbins events and I haven't been to one in almost 2 years. I work from home and we have been on strict lockdowns here in Ontario since pretty much the start. So this hug was EVERYTHING to me:).

So once we were all checked in, we each went to our rooms.

Let me paint a little picture here for you.

I come from very humble beginnings. Food bank, welfare at one point, housing, a shelter. Yes we lived in a nice neighbourhood, but once my parents lost it all, things got real, real fast.

So, I get to my room. I use the card key. I look for the lights.

I can't feel a switch.

All of a sudden, these massive curtains open up on their own as if my magic.

Once the light starts to shine in, I adjust and take it all in.

Actually, I start to cry.

I am in absolute disbelief about what I have walked into.

There is a panel to my left, a digital command centre for the room. What??? Are you kidding me?

I drop my bag and start my tour. Still crying, still not fully accepting what this room really looks like.

The bathroom was unreal, the living room (yep this was a whole suite) had the most insane views of the strip. The bed was pure luxury. It was perfection. And it was mine for the next 4 nights.

Next thing I did was facetime my daughter Sydney. Guess what? She cried too.

"Mom, look what you made happen...I am so proud of you" (I have tears in my eyes even now as I write this). Your children are watching ladies, they really are. And when you win, they win and they get to see that THEY can win too.

I facetimed the rest of the kids and they were all stunned too. Sharing it with them was so important to me.

The trip was full of the most incredible food, Vegas always has incredible food. Always!

The following day we all went to the spa.

Paola and I were chatting about going and when I looked at the cost (plus the conversion to CAD) I was reluctant. Scarcity reared its ugly head and told me 'no'. I told her to shut the fuck up...and booked my massage!

When I walked into the spa at the Encore, my breath was taken from me for a second.

Every single inch of that place was perfectly placed. It was so grand it took me all day to really appreciate all of it.

The massage included time in the facility and let me tell you, holy crap was it gorgeous!

I went into the hot tub pool and the cold plunge and sat on the warmed stone loungers. I even did the quintessential cucumbers on the eyes for a part of it. I relished in every single piece of it, afterall, this is the level I want to live at, so remembering it all was important, I was anchoring it all in!

That night we went out for an insanely luxurious dinner. I even got to squeeze my client who recently joined the STO Academy.

We ate and drank and relaxed and gambled (I watched them, I don't have fun gambling, but love watching others have fun doing it!).

On one of the last days, we lounged all day by the pool on one of the 'lily pads'.

I saw all the ways I wanted to be abundant on this trip and all the ways I was still holding myself back because I still felt that pang of unworthiness. It's conditioning from decades of media, parents, friends, you name it. We can't fully escape the messaging, but we can turn it down.

Going to Vegas with two people I love and respect who love to enjoy the finer things in life woke me the f up.

I know how hard they work. I know how loving they are. I know what incredibly generous they are. At one point, I was trying to pay for dinner and Paola cheated and spoke Spanish to our server and told him I was drunk and to give her the bill. It was hysterical...(brat). These people showed me what it looks like to let yourself live. And I will forever be grateful for the lesson.

Vegas opened me back up to what I have been talking about all this time.

Full abundance.

Of money

Of wealth

Of time

Of fun

Of experiences...of it all.

Booking myself that room was really pivotal for me.

Booking that massage was also a game changer.

This is what life is supposed to be like. Not holding back on what you want just to prove you don't NEED it. I leaned in on this trip. I am changed forever.

Next up, Orange County...cause once we saw how much fun we were having, we didn't want it to end lol...

Big love,


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