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Part 3- SoCal...simply epic

So the last leg of my journey found me heading home with my friends, we were having so much fun we didn't want it to end!

I ended up in beautiful Orange County, California.

I have to been to California a couple times before hand and loved it each time.

This time I got to really relax.

Paola and I got to connect in a really special way.

It's hard when you get to your 40's and meet new women.


Because we've been conditioned to not trust each other or to be cautious.

You are conditioned to think, "if I have kids and she doesn't, what do we have in common?", stupid shit like that.

But her and I are not the norm and we have a very special friendship.

We push one another and we lean on one another.

So, this gives way to being able to be myself, stupid jokes and all...same for her.

So my trip to Southern California was ALL LAUGHS.

We had some incredible food and some even more incredible the fancy ass kind with the cube ice (I am obsessed with those little touches).

We spent a wholelotta time in their pool as well and something really cool came up.

Because I was in such awe of all the things I was seeing, she became aware of how incredible her surroundings were too.

Sometimes we become blind to our places and it takes someone seeing it fresh for us to see it that way too...what a gift visitors can be!

So we spent the days in the pool, dancing to 90's hip hop and r&b and laughing our asses off. Her husband was pretty amused by our antics and loved seeing his love so happy!

That brings me to something that came up for me on that part of my trip.

I talk a lot about masculine and feminine energy in business and in life.

While I am very in touch with my feminine side NOW, it wasn't that way for most of my life.

Especially as a teenager.

When I was hanging out at the pool, singing, dancing around in the water, I realised that for the first time in my adult life, I was having fun. Like to the fullest. Not controlled fun, like when I am with my kids (and always have one eye on them), but like teenager fun. I felt 15 again and like I was getting to do that for the first time or something. I told Pay that and she totally got it too.

When I was that age, I had the weight of the world on my shoulders with my family. I was in a state of emergency inside at all times, so feeling like a relaxed teenager was something that was long overdue and I am so grateful for it all!

One of the other blessings on that trip was the sunset I was witness to.

OMG, it was incredible.

I soaked it all in.

I loved every second of this final part of the trip and was actually sad to leave.

We didn't do anything super touristy, we just hung out as friends. It was just what I needed.

We will forever have inside jokes and stupid sayings that make me burst out in laughter anytime I think about them.

Next, back to Vancouver to see my baby!

Travel is essential.

Big love,


ps. "Soooorryyy", "Don't tell me what I know Travis", "This is how it ends"....just a couple of our funny moments!

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