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Re-Invention Isn't A Bad Thing

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Last year was a whopper of a year for many of us, many of us didn't make it through it quite frankly and that is something you shouldn't take lightly. Why live a life that doesn't make you happy only because you're afraid to admit it and then even more afraid to change it right?


So this was me last year, wanting to make changes, but having no real idea about what I was going to look at doing next. It was tough, but I knew that I couldn't stay complacent or I would go insane and that wasn't something I was willing to do to myself or to my family.

So change was inevitable, it always is.

3 Ways I Have Re-Invented Myself

I made the decision to re-invent the way I was doing things and this is how it began.

  1. I got real about it. I looked long and hard at what I was doing and what was and wasn't working for me. I was deep into creating a mastermind group/business and realized this wasn't where I was aligned anymore. I learned some intense lessons about it (ask me for some advice here, I am an expert on the do's and don't's now). I learned that I had beem holding myself back from a bigger vision, one that I now proudly express. So, I decided things were going to change...

  2. I got creative. I am a web designer, graphic designer, and over all marketing expert. So why wasn't a using those skills to the fullest anymore? Who knows, all I know is that when I got into the 'creative' kitchen I got excited again. I started to think about ways I could build my personal brand to bring in more. More joy, more money, more time. I started to see an almost infinite way of creating more in my life and then got to work.

  3. I came to see that we don't have to do only one thing, we should master one thing before creating more, but that doesn't mean ONLY one thing. I can do a couple things I am excited about as long as I am honest about why I am doing it. Is it for the money only? If so, then I won't do has to have legs for me to really be excited!

Why Honesty Is Key When You're Thinking About Re-Inventing Yourself

If you lie about the 'why' you're going to burn a lot of time by starting and stopping things. If you're feeling antsy, it's time to sit down and ask yourself some really key questions.

  1. Why am I feeling unhappy in this situation?

  2. How long have I been feeling this way?

  3. Where am I in my cycle?

  4. What have I tried so far to make this work?

  5. How long have I given to this thing to make it work?

  6. If I close my eyes and connect to my heart, what does it tell me about this problem?

  7. Do I maybe just need a break from this?

  8. Who have I asked for advice on this topic?

If you find some clarity through the above questions, perfect, here's what's next.

3 Ways You Can Make Changes

  1. Sit down and write out the real reasons you're looking to reinvent yourself. When you do this, be crystal clear on the outcome, don't think about what it will take to get there...

  2. Speak to someone who's doing what you are thinking about doing and ask them for their opinion, just remember to follow your instinct first, this is just an opinion, not law, take it like that.

  3. Write out what you'd like your next year to look like with the new version of you...get detailed and have fun! Play music while you're writing, it's always the easiest way to get into it!

I am more excited than I have been in a long time (well, not that long lol), but things are really shifting over here for me alredy.

I am studying my ass off, working on some incredible marketing projects, and working with some even more incredible coaching clients.

Can't wait to see how your 'homework' always, you can reach me at

Big love,


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