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So Many Exciting Things...How About You?

This is going to be a short blast!

So many fun things are on the horizon. Do you get that vibe about 2023? It feels a lot different than the last couple, like a cloud has been lifted (finally). So, in the spirit of a new year, I want to share a couple of things I am working towards and how I plan on getting it done, then it's your turn, you're going to make a list and together, we are going to get after it!

3 Things That I Am Working Towards

  1. Traveling: this is the year of travel for me and for my youngest kiddo. I am planning a couple of trips, Italy for one and I am bursting with excitement for this one in particular. I have longed for a trip like this for years and this year I am making it fricken happen! I will also head back to Sedona on my own and a couple of other trips along the way.

  2. Marketing Projects: I have been a marketer forever. I love it, I am quite good at it, and I find deep purpose in working with companies with deep values. I have started to really look at opportunities to work with people whose mission lights me up as much as it does them. Right now, I am working on a project that IS SOOOOO FIRE!!! Can't wait to share it with you! Let me know if you need any help with the marketing of your purpose driven stuff too!

  3. Weightloss Program: soooooo....if you know me at ALL, you'll know I have struggled with my weight since my middle one was 2, so over 20 years. I received Radio Active Iodine back then for a thyroid that wouldn't quit and then I gained 50lbs really fast and have not had permanent success losing it yet. I have recently started the Gina Livy program and am happy to report that I have lost nearly 3 pounds this first week...and I am seeing how 100%, this is the one that is going to change everything. I cannot wait to share the wins each week!

How I'm Going To Make It Happen & How You Can Too...

  1. Stay focused: staying focused by looking at my Dream Book is key for me. If you still haven't made yours or are curious about mine, please reach out to me through email. ( and I can walk you through it.

  2. Challenge your current beliefs: Ask yourself if your beliefs about your current situation should be popped under a microscope. An easy way to tell if your beliefs need to be challenged is to ask, "Is my life where I want it to be?". If 'no', then it's time to see what beliefs are causing you to be stuck!

  3. Be honest with how it is currently: Be honest, if your shit is twisted right now, don't bullshit yourself about it, you cannot change anything if you're lying to yourself!

  4. Look at your notes daily: This is key as well, look at your notes and journal on a daily basis, don't do it once and look back in 2 months, there is literally no point to that sister!

So What Are 3 Things You're Going To Commit To?

Ok, now it's your turn, send me 3 things you're going to change this year! Let's do this together!

I cannot wait to read it, remember to send it to :).

Big love,


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