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Stop Lying About Your Mess

I love to write, I love to share, I love to coach.

BUT, sometimes I fucking hate it all.

Sometimes I am so deep in my own pain that it's hard to see straight.

Is this a coach-y thing to share? Who knows? I don't do things the same way that other coaches maybe do...but that is what makes it me and not them.

When I sit down to write or go LIVE or do a talk, I still get stuck sometimes too...for how long depends on what is doing the 'sticking'.

I find that there are A LOT of coaches now, some incredible (I have been blessed with some incredible coaches, you know who you are) and with a couple of ones that really don't work for me.

The problem is that far too many coaches only show the highlight reel, I get it, you want to put your best foot forward, makes sense...but to me what makes even more sense is showing your audience that shit happens for you too, that hard times happen for you too...that it's not all shits and giggles. Why?

Because if I show you it all, then I can also show you how I healed from it.

How I managed it.

How I got through it.

Why is that valuable?

Because, what good am I if I can't look the thing you're going through right in the eye with you and say, "babe, I can help you get through this- I have done it".

If you're not approaching clients in this way, I feel strongly that you're not ready to coach that individual. Yep, I said it!

Many coaches talk a great game, a GREAT game.

They have slick sales pitches, something that does not work for the masses (coaches in particular), and pull out all the ways your life will be fucked if you don't sign with them immediately.

I don't think that type of strategy has a place in our world, especially in coaching.

Still, it happens more than it doesn't.

There is a big difference between someone who is simply looking at the highlight reel of their lives and sharing JUST that to get you into their program.

I see coaches do this often and inside my head, here's what I say.

"Girl you're full of shit- let's see the ugly so I know that YOU what it feels like to go through this and how you got yourself out of it".

People are no longer interested in the highlights ONLY, they NEED the real life shit.

I have real life shit.

I am healing and even grieving my marriage of 20 years.

It sucks.

It's hard.

It's sad.

But, guess what, this is another layer of healing I can offer my clients that I care so deeply for.

I am NOT shy in sharing, I am selective on when.

When I am at a place that feels more complete around my divorce, you bet your ass I will be sharing. Possibly a book even, but you will see what I went through and what I did to heal myself through it. Why wouldn't I?

I am not about to lie about my mess, it helps literally no one to be that kind of coach!

Love you sis,


ps. if you want to learn more about the way I roll, check out the podcast here.

I am also currently hosting a 5 day FREE workshop on how to use content in the feminine to sell more...come and check it out on FB LIVE

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