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The Devil In You

Have you ever heard of Shadow work? I hadn't until recently, last few years maybe, but I ignored it.

I suppose I have been doing a form of it, working with my coach, going to Tony Robbins events, that kind of thing.

I haven't ever sat down and intentionally "worked" on my shadows I am.

Your Shadow is the darkest part of you, the part you hide from, the part you don't let people see, the part that scares you.

My Shadow is an asshole:).

It tells me I'm useless and stupid and unworthy.

It tells me I will never lose weight and always feel unsexy.

It tells me I can't have the relationship of my dreams.

It tells me I won't have the company of my dreams.

It tells me I won't have the impact I want to have on the world.

The list goes on.

That Shadow is a muthaf*cka.

Why does it need to be there? Why does it need to talk to me at all?

I don't know for sure, but my best guess is that it's there to protect me.

The saboteur as some call it is really the subconscious, the little mind.

It has a place in our lives for sure, but it should only ever be a back seat to show us how maybe we aren't showing up 100% yet.

I look back at some of my shadow talk and see that most of it comes from my childhood and past experiences, but that most of THAT is one belief or fear..."If I'm not good enough, I won't be loved".

So, that is what my Shadow fears, that if I'm not good enough, no one will love me and if no one loves me, I die.

Tony talks about this a lot in his seminar called Unleash The Power Within. One of my goals is to send 1000 women to that event and that is one of my biggest talk tracks by the Shadow is that I am not capable of making that happen, time to shut her up right?

So how do we start to work through this stuff?

Look Her Dead In The Face

I am facing these bullshit beliefs and stories and writing them out, so I can see them and see how insane they are. Ask me about the journal I am using, so far, it's really straightforward and that is GOOD for me:).

Meeting The Dark With The Light

I focus on what I am good at or what I think I am good at and do more of that. IF I am to be real about my own darkness, I need to be real about my own light too.

Dip Into Feminine

This is why I do the work I do. The Feminine heart knows that you and I are totally worthy. She's Divine and that means she knows that we are glorious and wonderful and perfect.

This is when the goddess rituals are most important for me. I want to acknowledge the darkness in me, it's important, but I do not want to live in that darkness, so this is how I will pull myself out.

  1. Goddess bath with salts, candles, and bubble bath

  2. Visualization on what my dream life looks like

  3. Barefoot in nature

Those are a couple of ways to ground myself back to my core, out of my Shadow work.

I am always searching for more, appreciating what I have, but always looking to take things to mastery, even my self discovery. It's not easy, but it does clear room for more happiness and more excitement and love in my life.

If you need me, I'm here, I am no Shadow expert, but I am always willing to help you regardless!

Big love,


ps. We will be doing Shadow work at the Goddess Slumber Party in December, sign up for the updates!

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