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The First Step Is Admitting You're Not Happy

Being unhappy might be one of the hardest things to admit to ourselves.

It comes with all these ugly admissions that we hoped we could keep buried deep inside...until we can't.

I was running a business that was making multiple 6 figures a year just myself and my partner. It was in its fourth year nearing the anniversary.

I had been told many times to scale it, to grow it to 7 figures. I knew I could. I really did.

I sat with friends whom I deeply trusted and colleagues I knew well and they kept saying the same damn thing, "scale The Content Company" I tried and tried and tried. And it never worked.

If I am being honest, I knew it wouldn't. I knew it in my bones, still I continued to ignore my instincts, my intuition and pressed forward.

I spent more money, more resources, more valuable time. For what? For something I had no intention of seeing through to completion.

It's an awful feeling, the feeling that you KNOW there has to be more, but you have no idea how to make it happen...

I knew there's more to the life, but what? I knew there had to be f*cking more.

I spent time going to personal development events and reading the books, watching the videos...spending over $140,000 on my development, but still I sat. In the business that no longer fed my soul.

I made a decision in 2019. I was going to start my mission driven 'something', but what?

Well, I had learned a ton about masculine and feminine energy after all my time in personal development, so let's start a podcast. Yes, a podcast, perfect!

Problem was, that I wasn't making money from it. Yes I had my needs met with the other company, but that wasn't the life I was looking to build, I wanted abundance!

So, 2020...the shit show of a year.

This year gave me gifts though. The gift of knowing where I wanted to go with this.

I was ready to be a coach, but not the average coach. A Feminine Energy Business Coach. Why? Because, I have spent thousands of dollars and one thing is glaringly clear.

There are thousands of incredible business coaches and there are thousands of incredible healing/mindset coaches, but few of them do both.

So, you have the healers, but they don't know business.

And the business coaches, who don't know healing...

It's a pickle, because my deep knowing, is that one does not work without the other.

So I combined them...and here we are.

What had to happen?

Step 1, admitting that TCC wasn't feeding my soul.

Step 2, discovering what I was put here to do

Step 3, build it.

Obviously, it's not that simple, but it also kind of is.

So, my invitation to you?

Ask yourself, "Am I happy doing what I am doing?". Not sure?

Do this: close your eyes, put your hands on your heart. Take a deep breath. Hold it for 5 seconds, then let it out for 5 seconds. Do that 5 times. Make sure when you breathe out, you open your mouth and almost moan.

Then, ask again..."Am I happy doing what I'm doing?".

If yes, then perfect.

If no, let's talk.

In fact, I want to share a little thing I do with new clients.

It's call the Perfect Day exercise. You will actually get access to a bunch of the content and workbooks I have created over the years...scroll to the middle of the page and you'll see the Perfect Day download.

Send it to me when you're done!

Ok, talk soon.

Big love,


ps. if you KNOW you're ready to launch a business that feeds your soul, book a ZERO pressure call with me here. Can't wait to talk!

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