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We have been taught basically from birth about one or the other of these energies. If a girl liked playing in the mud or climbing trees more often than playing with dolls, she was often referred to as a "tom boy", I was such a child.On the flip side of that, if a boy was more into dolls than monster trucks, he was a wuss or a sissy.

“Neither of these labels are even remotely accurate, but we do what we do as humans and like to put things into little boxes.”

In business, we as women have to be a certain way or in a certain energy flow. There is no way around, in my opinion, so we must embrace it.

Let me explain...

Feminine energy is one the most beautiful feelings a person can have, and it's not a "girl thing" or a "guy thing", it's a human thing. I look at it from a purely personal vantage point of view which I sincerely hope resonates with you!

Feminine Energy

Thoughtfulness, patience, vulnerability, intuition, sensuality, empathy, and nurturing are the way that I see being in my feminine energy.

Masculine Energy

Risk taking, decision making, hunter mindset, and goal oriented are how I see being in my masculine energy...all of these are SUPER important as well. There is a dance that has to happen between the two, mostly when it comes to being an entrepreneur.  We have to excel at the masculine if we want to get ahead in business.  You can argue all day that it's not necessary, but it is...I promise. We can certainly bring some of our Feminine energy to the table, but it will generally lead us back to the Masculine energy when it comes time to make decisions and set those goals, it's like the hunter and gatherer...we need them both at the table. (thanks Jas).

So how do we feel when we aren't celebrating both? I feel like shit.

Here is what happens...

  • I am not as loving to my kids. I am short with them, I have very little patience, I don't engage with them like normal.

  • I feel ugly whenI am too far the other way on the spectrum, for real.  When I am not conscious in my feminine for long periods of time, I tend to feel ugly from the inside out.

  • I don't have as much creativity as I know is possible inside me.

  • I don't feel like I am going with the flow as easily...when I soften, everyone around me softens and that is being in "flow", and it's gorgeous!

How do I get into that mindset or energy?

I bring my awareness to my day, all day long.  It takes a lot of practice, but it's super helpful. Once I am aware, I will simply sit, put a smile on my face, and find something to feel grateful for.  This helps me get in that zone fast. Gratitude is another feminine energy trait... I have a passion for sharing this side of human behaviour because I really think that we as women are going far too far to the other side of this, it's not bad to ever be in that "hunter" mode, but it's got to be balanced or we are angry and unhappy...

Leave your thoughts below!

Big love, Cara

ps. check out the podcast here...lot's of incredible women in business share their ideas on the subject pps. If you want to learn more about how I am sending 1000 women to Unleash The Power Within with Tony Robbins, click here

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