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What Is A Scarcity Mindset?

What is a scarcity mindset? Why is it something that's more important than any part of your mindset work?

Scarcity looks like the following:

  • There isn't enough to go around

  • I can't share my contacts or network with others, what if they take something of value from me?

  • I can't afford that

  • She can do it, I cannot

  • I have to work for someone else to make money

  • Life is happening to me

  • Victim mindset

So what does all that mean? It means you're fearful, you've been conditioned to think this way, you did not come in the world thinking in lack...I promise, you didn't. Your little soul did not feel this way, you were trained. No one does this to cause suffering, it's simply belief systems that need to be programmed.

So what is the opposite?

Abundance of course.

  • There is MORE than enough for all of us

  • We can always help each other

  • I love to hear new ideas on how to expand my impact

  • Money is energy and I attract it to me easily

  • The more the merrier

  • The future is always exciting

  • How can I serve

So what can you do to reprogram this?

First, acknowledge it's an area that needs improvement. If you can't get real about this, you're never going to change!

When it comes to reprogramming our mindset, it's also important to note it doesn't happen overnight, on the contrary, it's something that in one way or another take a lifetime, you will always be learning and tweaking that mindset of yours...that's part of the fun!

So what do I do or what have I done to change this pattern?

  1. I write out what I really want in my life, as if no one was ever going to read it. I got super detailed in what I desired, in the beginning, this was daydreaming, now that know the power of writing your desires out on paper, I am obsessed with writing things out!

  2. I read. I read all the time, when I was 'broke', I read. I found ways to consume content that was free and back then, there was nowhere near the high quality content there is today, there is literally no excuse, you can learn anything!

  3. Once I started to shift, I would spend the little money I had on events or courses. I remember one of the first times I saw Tony Robbins...the ticket was $ us that was a lot, but we made it work. Now, I spend 10 x that because I know if I invest in myself, it will come back a million times over.

  4. Stop looking for ways it can all f*ck up. When you are in scarcity, you are always looking for ways that the 'thing' will screw up. Stop in those moments consciously, and ask yourself "how can this go right?".

  5. Get MAD at it...yep. I got mad at my own bullshit, I had enough and let myself feel pissed at my own behaviour.

Look, scarcity is a CHOICE...your ego will argue with that, but it's the truth.

If you are in that mode, everything seems hard and unfair.

When you feel the abundance of life, your whole world will change.

I hope this sheds some light on it all, and gives you a practical way to start to move into abundance:).

Big love,


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