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When Fear Is Creeping In


Well, the world seems like a bit of a shit show at the moment doesn't it?

I know I feel it. I am feeling a whole host of things that range from total domination to complete break down in the fetal position.

It's normal, I promise.

I wrote a post the other day on some ways to stay in your feminine even during times of crisis, you have a read here if you're into it.

I go into a few simple tricks I am using right now that I find helpful during this time of uncertainty.

I want to be honest with you always, so here goes.

I Freak Out Too

I do, and it's not pretty inside my head at times. As you know, well some of you, I am pretty big supporter of Tony Robbins events. One of the first things we learn at Unleash The Power Within is about the 6 basic human needs.

1. Certainty

2. Uncertainty


4. Love & Connection

5. Growth

6. Contribution

We all operate from these 6 needs, good and bad.

Right now my need to feel certainty is f*cking MASSIVE. Usually I am very comfortable living in some form of uncertainty, I own 2 companies, of course I like it.

But this is different, this is scary to me when I let it be.

I am finding that I have really scattered thinking while we all navigate this pandemic (I don't even like saying the word), and I normally have scattered thinking, but rarely is it fear times right now, it is, I will not bullshit you!

So what do I do to calm myself down? Well, my usual ways are helpful, but not always.

Normally I will journal (still doing that), or walk outside, or listen to some motivational stuff to help lift my vibration. These are part of my toolkit and they absolutely DO help, but it doesn't' take the stress away completely.

So what's plan B?

It's something that may surprise you.

I go lovingly into my masculine.

The part that I am most worried about is the business. Here's why.

I KNOW my family will never starve, but I do have a whole list of things I want to experience with them as time goes on, and for that to happen, business does need to continue.

I am eternally grateful for all we have as a family, it's something we practice constantly, but I am also a really driven person and as mentioned above, the need for "growth" is one of our basic human needs, and for me, that means in business too.

So during this time in human history when shit feels so f'd up, I'm finding that going into my masculine is actually helping when I am at my desk.

Today I spent about an hour planning.

Here are some of the things I am knocking off my list: (Thanks Marie Forleo for the "Follow Through Formula" at B-School, this shit really does work!!!).

1. Planned my content for the week for both She's The Owner and The Content Company

2. Decided on Podcast days and what I was going to talk about

3. Reached out to my clients, I am worried about their mental health right now too, so I asked them if they were ok. This puts me in the Alpha role and that makes me feel good right now!

4. Helped one of our daughters (10) get organized for homeschooling.

So you can see, these are goal oriented and "get shit down" type of tasks...and right now, this is what I need to feel more grounded and safe (even inside my own head).

Tonight, I am going to make a beautiful dinner to some old french songs which will draw me back into my feminine because after a long day of GSD, I will also need to honour the Goddess too;).

Ladies, we've got this, just stay present through all of this and I promise, we are going to be stronger and more loving for it.

Big love,


ps. if you are really having a hard time, please reach out to me...I am ALWAYS here for you, especially now.

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