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Where Is Your Focus?

Hey gals.

Yeah yeah, focus, we know it's important, blah blah blah...😉

But let's get serious shall we?

Where are you focusing?

Kids, business, partner, girlfriends, and if there's time, ourselves.

From time to time our focus can get split into a million different directions right?

Yes we are incredible at managing and multitasking, but when is that simply a distraction that isn't actually getting anything done?

Look around right now, at your life...are you focusing on the stuff that empowers you or the stuff that drags your ass down?

For the last few months, I have for sure had to check myself on what I was focusing on.

It's been easy to get distracted and to focus on bullshit that made no real difference in MY life, but actually made me feel a lot shittier about a lot of things.

Same goes for in our relationships right? What are you actually focusing on at home?

If you had to get honest and look around at where your business is and where your relationship with your kids and even your spouse are, what would your best guess be about where your attention is going?

Are you focused on what's wrong in your business?

Are you focused on what's wrong with your relationship?

Are you giving attention to what's not working with your children?

What would happen for you if you stopped all that shit, like right now?

Would you find a way to get radar focused on what's good in all of those categories?

How would your life be different if you looked at your business, picked one of the things that IS working and thought of ways to AMPLIFY that? Focus on that rather that the bad?

So, here's what I do.

I make a list of the stuff that's going well and put my focus on THAT...then I amp it up.

My masterclasses do really, I put focus there.

I don't stress about the things that aren's working, I simply pick out what is and make that the standard and go from there.

Grab and pen and paper and do the same, if what you really want is what you say you want, then get to it girlfriend!

Have fun, it's a bit like creating little road maps to shift your energy around what your eyes are currently looking at and get laser focused on better and more powerful vibes!

Big love,


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