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Why You So Emotional?

Emotional mastery is one of the most challenging things we as humans must learn.

What does emotional mastery even mean?

To me it means that I can take a deep breath in between my reaction to certain situations.

If someone cuts me off in traffic, I would have normally had some type of reaction like, "what an asshole, doesn't he f*cking see me?"..There may have been a flip of the bird and probably a shitty honk that went on for too long...why do we even do that lol? The driver is never like, "Oh, thanks for that extended honk, I didn't get it until the 15 second mark that I pissed you off".

So why do we need to master any of it?

Well, because if you're always reacting to things rather than taking the time to question why you're responding in this way, you will waste a lot of time in reaction and not in creation.

If I stop for a second and say, "I hope he's ok, it could be something really bad that is distracting him right now", I am in the creation of a much more empathetic vibration. I lose all the charge around why he cut me off, I can lean into caring for my fellow human, rather than simply judging him.

Emotional mastery is one of the things I am deeply connecting with at this point in my life. Mastering this element will give me a much stronger sense of myself, a deeper connection that my non-emotional side will never understand.

Tony Robbins often tells the story about when $125,000 went "missing" in one of his company's early on in his career. He talks about how he used to flip out about it, it's a lot of money to be missing...long story short, he learned how to master his emotions. He talks about the 90 second rule. He now assigns no more than 90 seconds to something that causes discomfort.

So emotional mastery is that for me. Being able to know when something is triggering me and working through it fast and then loving the lesson and moving on from it quickly.

None of these things come naturally to me, I am someone who lived a long time in reaction. Since all the learning I have done, I have come to really practice and sit still with the times I do react and find out what that is really about for me...then I do the work on it:).

Hope this was helpful:).

Big Love,


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