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Your Girlfriends Are Your Lifeline

Hey STO's tribe! I hope everyone is feeling a bit of relief knowing we seem to be on the tail end of this quarantine.

My girlfriends...what can I say about my girlfriends? They have saved my life on more than one occasion and this post is dedicated to them!

So what can I say?

Sometimes when we own companies and are really firmly planted in our masculine energy, we forget to anchor in with them.

I have had a bagillion friends over the years, I like to meet everyone I can:). Some have come and moved on to other journey's and some have stood the test of time. And there have been many new additions to my tribe that I cherish deeply.

My friends Who've Been With Me Since The Super Early Days

There is nothing like having a group of girlfriends that 'get' you. The ones who knew you when you were barfing in the toilet from a touch too much "whatever we were drinking that time", the ones who likely saw your first heart break and the fights you had with your parents through some of the hardest moments in your life. They are your anchors and will forever have a place in your heart and you theirs. It warms my heart intensely to have these girls still close to me. When I need that extra 'sumthin' kind of love, they are there to give it to me. I would be nowhere without them!

New Gal Pals Are The New Awesome

I have been so so lucky the last several years. Honestly, totally blessed. I have deeply entrenched myself into my Tony Robbins family and what a family it is. I have been lucky enough to have met some unbelievable women. In this community there are so many women who are absolutely killing it in business and at home and that pushes it should. Look, not everyday is a hustle day by any means, but these women help to keep me motivated on days when I know I am just being a lazy turd. I love it and I don't even know if they know the effect they have on me whether we are at an event together or simply on social media.

Social Media Gals...I See You Too

This is a weird one. I catch myself sometimes referring to social media influencers like they are my actual friends, "My friend Jillian (Harris) said something so funny on her stories today"'s easy to forget that these women aren't our friends IRL, but that doesn't mean they don't add immense value in my life. So many people I follow have no idea how much they help me or help me see things differently. That's the power of social media...I also think there is power in telling them, after all, we are all human and love to hear the love from our fellow women.

So ladies, honor your friendships, protect them fiercely, experience them often. The magic is that when we are together, we are strong and completely in our feminine divine.

Love you girls,



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