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Your Relationship Might Be F*cked Because Of Your Business

What a crazy concept, after all, what does your relationship have to do with your business?

Turns out, a lot...but why?

When we, as women, come to the realization that we want to own our own businesses, we have to activate a certain part of ourselves, the masculine, the 'hunter'.

Starting a business is an exciting and sometimes daunting thing. To be honest, if you didn't access your masculine, you couldn't get it done, it's that simple.

What Is Masculine In Business?

Masculine energy or 'hunter' energy in business looks like the following:

  • Generating a business plan

  • Creating ways to build revenue

  • Hiring individuals for your company

  • Making big decisions around next steps

  • Sales (this is a big mistake in biz for women)

There are so many incredible reasons to work in this mode, it's necessary for sure.

I have built businesses like this and it's paid off. No question!

It gives me the energy I needed to hustle my ass off, but there is a trade off if you aren't aware of your feminine energy too.

Feminine Energy In Business Is Important

If you only operated from this masculine energy, you'd burn out. To be honest, if you're reading this, it means you're probably one of the incredible entrepreneurs who is literally thinking, "Holy shit, I am burnt out", it's okay, we all go through it:). I am here to help sister!

Running on full throttle, 24 hours a day, isn't sustainable, for anyone, but definitely NOT for us. We are simply NOT built this way. We have to balance these energies or we will suffer in other areas of our lives.

When I discovered feminine energy and how to play with it and how to honor it, it was a game changer for me in my business and in my personal life. I started to understand that I had to be able to dance between both in order to have more harmony with my clients, my kids, and even myself.

Feminine Energy In Business Looks Like:

  • Creating content

  • Supporting clients in a way that makes them see that I too can be vulnerable.

  • Not getting too attached to outcomes 100% of the time.

  • Accepting that business has ebbs and flows, just like us.

  • Sitting in gratitude for what you've created and sitting with it often!

So How Are The Two Related? Business & Relationships?

Imagine you're in your business, making moves, having sales calls, calling the shots.

Ok, now imagine you come home and with that same energy to talk to you kids, your husband or even your closest girlfriends?

Think about what it might feel like to have all of that coming at you in your home?

How would you feel in the same situation?

When we come home in that zone, we are forcing the people around us to let us be in charge or in the "masculine".

Now let's look at this from your spouses point of view.

If you are both competing for the role of masculine energy, your partner might put up a bit of a fight, but eventually, they will recede. Why? In nature, if you have two alpha's fighting for control, you will see them physically fight for the top a relationship, that typically does not happen. In my relationship, my spouse simply waved the white flag and let me have control...

Now, in some cases, having a mature masculine make you feel safe enough to let go of the control is all that is needed, after all, if you want a women to naturally dip into her feminine around you, your job is to make her feel seen, heard, and most importantly to feel safe. Safe emotionally, physically, even financially.

So, ladies, if you're bringing your masculine energy out of your home office or through your front door, know that you are really actually challenging your spouse and that's not a good thing in this area.

He wants to be your hero and if you come in with the "ok, I am in charge and I am running the show" all the time, he will perceive that as you don't actually need him for anything.

How many times have you heard or even said, "I don't NEED a man for anything"? Probably lots...well, they are getting the message and end up quietly and almost ninja like, stepping aside to let you have your way with your life together.

Women love to say shit like, "He never makes decisions", or " Why can't he just help me?"...why? Because you've cut his metaphoric testicles off and he ain't down for it.

Truth hurts...and so does that. For a man, he really does just want to make you/us happy and we make it really hard for them.

What Can You Do?

  1. When you're done your hustle for the day, send him a text and say, "Hey babe, I am about to close it down for tonight, can't wait to connect with you". Let him know that this is the signal that you are ready to pass the masculine energy baton to him now.

  2. Get into the shower with some salt! Seems like a simple thing and it is, but super important. Grab a handful and simply rub your whole body gently with it, give yourself the gift of rubbing all the masculine energy off your gorgeous body.

  3. Get that booty into the kitchen, part of feminine energy is to be nurturing, cooking for your loved ones is very nurturing!

  4. Whisper 'thank you' to your partner. Flirting goes a long way to bringing that playful feminine out. Don't be discouraged if he doesn't flirt back at first, this takes time.

  5. Take a moment and anchor in some gratitude for whatever you can in that moment.

  6. Lastly, put some music on while you're cooking up a storm...move your body while you sauté or chop!

After a long ass day of building your empire, it's so important to leave that energy in the business world, for your sake and those around you!

Big love,


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